Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bye bye

So actually a lot of things happened within duration of this blog- travelling around the world, falling in love or thinking that I was in love, AIESEC membership, time to say bye to some people, some memories, some things to make space for a new one- just before turning 25 seems also to be a good moment, isn't it?
So I'm shifting to
see ya there

Monday, December 14, 2009

Being powerful or using your potential

Recently, I've realized that actually I'm not doing what I should do in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Actually, I'm doing totally weird things and acting as if I had wanted sth different, so I guess new year is a great time to actually make resolution as I quiet never do. Keep to them and pursuir own happiness.
So my first step is to get job that I will consider useful, funny enough it may be rather giving out Metro newspaper that internship in a big multinational company about all and nothing.
I have these thoughts crossing my mind why some jobs are regarded as not nice, not good to have and you shall be ashamed of them? I guess as long as you are satisfied with your work and money why not?
So DEcember is time for me to think and find some asnwers as I really go in wrong direction:/

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just need a place to think

And actually will keep it, too many thoughts too many things, too many behaviours.
So I'm sick with the flu staying in bed and feeling
1) lonely
2) without any aim in my life
3) sick
extremelly pathetic I guess if I were depressed I would jump through window;-)
Still, sometimes you just need this hard kick to realize how stupid you were.
So first conclusion
not only were I not doing things that will bring my to achieve my goals but indeed I was doing things that was totally far away from my route:/
So what I want to do...
1) I do want to have a family. I want to share my life with somebody, have 2-3 kids, arrange my flat etc.
2) I want to do a job that matters, that will help people to lead better life, will be useful and impactful.
3) I want to travel, I want to travel around the world and discover places only few may visit.
4) I want to speak foreing languages read books without translation and be able to communicate with people I met.
And actually I think I knew this long time ago but maybe I was too scared of failure or I lacked belief in my strength and capabilities.
So no more time too waste on things that are not connected with this goal that's the plan :) keep ur fingers crossed.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Things have better names than they are in reality

1) Distance for a person used to walking it is amazing why do you need train or cab sometimes cause some places are so cloooose, also it can be amazing if you expect from garden to be sth more or maybe much more than the garden u may have around your house and if the name lake creates image of lake from Warmia in Masuria in your head...

So some of the things here are hmmm they are nice, charming, good place to be, still if you expect them to be really impressive you may be dissapointed cause they are just normal...

But moving to the point see pictures above- lake gardens, orchid and hibiscus gardens and come to your own conclusions.

Impressions of Malaysia

Below you can see a river in the middle of shopping mall, actually this is one of these Asian countries that are developed and somehow well known for their malls and shopping places- I ended up in this one only accidentially - it was the one and only place to eat around IC venue and of course once in Malaysia u need to eat something when its lunch or dinner time - u cannot starve- so boat and river in the shopping mall- why not, still before leaving I should go to one, but we will see this is not a must do for me.
Funny thing about malls- imagine fancy ones e.g. Prada stall being closed with the big big chain and padlock - funny isnt it:>?

IC - AIESEC event in my non-AIESEC life

small XMU reunion - AIESEC gae me the opportunity to work in virtual teams and this is something that I for sure would love to do in my future life- work and connect virtually with people from different countries and regions!!!

AIESEC in Bulgaria:) beloved Tony!!! this is most probably - cause with tony you can never say for sure, last AIESEC conference when we met, pitty busy MCP didnt have time to just hang around and have random chats still its good to know that there are friends all over the world with whom u still have connection! And I was so proud seeing AIESEC in Bulgaria delegates - people I met on my way during MC term, but also seeing how stronger, more mature they are and how the country grows!

Victor- guy who is impressive and surprising mixture of Asian personality and European worldview in many cases!:)

IC 2009 - actually for me huge huge feeling that it was high time to leave AIESEC and start new life, still it was good to meet some old friends - Robbie the most charming and energetic person on my way :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


just perfect harmony :D:)

so this is this symbol of the town in heads of most of my friends and family I guess:)

Still havent been inside but even from outside is amazing - tall and beautiful but also with amazing surroundings - nice park, some pool for children, palms really really naaaaaaaaaaaajs!


this is indeed panic
1- on the airport they indeed scan u to check ur temperature i actually dunno anyone who was stopped but still there are ppl for that and everyone gest leaflet how to protect yourself.
2- washing hands - it's hard for me as actually I'm not obsessed with washing hands still it seems some people are;-) u cannot eat before washing hands in each place to eat if they serve meals u will eat with hands there will be for sure a place to wash these hands.
3- maska - not only disposable ones but masks with some hello kitty symbols on them etc, many many people in masks and actually if ur sick and u go to the doctor not only will u get medicine but also mask for urself :d

Monday, August 24, 2009

some pictures:


read such post by ela and came to my own conclusions as well
- milk tea - i think it's asian thing- if you want tea without milk u should indicate it! In malaysia there is a word for tea - and its tea with milk if u want a tea without milk you need to add o! but actually why should you do so at least not all the time milk teas is nice!
alcohol - party = drinking. not really party= eating!!!
if u want a take away drink u will get it in plastic cup?
no way plastic yes but bag :D

Malaysia tuly Asia

after exhausting trip arrived :)
1) funny Air Asia - actually very comfortable and nice still it/s a little bit funny when u see in your seat place where tv used to be but it's not there anymore since it's cheap airline.
Jet lag- actually almost not noticed just long sleeping as always when its hot;-) and some problems with sleeping during the night as it's either very hot or it was too cold when air conditioning was on.
interesting note from a guide "pedestrians are not high priority" lol but true lack of crossings, pavements so people cross the street in a little bit wild and random way- much worse than Europe still much better than in India!
2) knife- why do u need this tool? of course its not needed - u use fork to keep meat, to grab some food and spoon to grab ice and to cut ur food into pieces- in this peace country there cannot be other way;-)
3) Malays Indian and Chinese - great great diversity of tastes, cultural habits etc just amazing how they can not only exist but learn from each other so that they invent great mixtures.
4) Food even more amazing than they claimed - delicious and cannot wait to taste as much as possible.
5) country - my mum bring my attention to 1 fact- modern buildings and places, high tech solutions in cohabitation with traiditon, culture, old habits and buildings - everything you need.
6) Alcohol indeed expensive and hard to find - to this extend that today I bought a sause with a sticer- contains alcohol on it - it was just normal mayo- cucumber sauce so called tatarski lol!
picture will come soon;-)
7) air conditioning aaaaaaaaaaaa- this is the reason of swine flu undoubtedly ur hot when out and every where- in restaurants, clubs, buses its freezing cold!
more soon to come!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

getting older

My aunt is getting older in a way that is not hm accepted nowadays? She is becoming more and more dependant- she needs support otherwhise she will live but the quality of her lif is getting lower and lower. I visited her last week and at first I was shocked - for a time being everyone was and is fit in my family. Ok my grandparents get older and older still they can do many things alone- my grandma is even using laptop and internet - thx to her the university has its web page, they both use mobiles and then u see a person who is younger than them but who is phisically and mentally much older than them. What woulde be our thoughts? mine were mixed from confusion how come and why this things happen and we cannot prevent them, through feeling guilty why for me as young person it is so hard to find patience and power to interact more with elderly till thought how current society becomes not supportive for the family.

travelling nowadays

is it a privilidge?
really hard for me to find opinion abt it--> on the one hand it's expensive to travel to pay for means of transportation, accommmodation not to mention some entrances or another facilities.
On the other hand how can you just live in one place for a live not to challenge yourself with other cultures.
or maby it is just another way of spending money of people who are bored with their life and not able to be happy with what they have and constantly looking for sth more?

what happened in the mean time?Family holiday

amazing fact was travelling with my family- both parents and my cousine surprising and challenging mix but good fun -
everyone willing to see as much as possible so travelling from one city to another in one day including some cathedrals and airshows to finish with some kinghts fight - good fun

afterwards there was a time of travelling around some airplanes events- seeing people who can do amazing things in the air, playing with risk- impressive but totally not my story

First part of holiday with family- coming back to the old time and renting a sailing boat for one day.
A little bit expensive, a little bit random cause we ended up only two of us me and my mum but also amazing- seeing and feeling I still remember and know how to sail even if it's a little bit windy and I'm on board only with my mum;-)
I also noticed I really miss it and need to run my life in more organized way.

travelling= blogging

I dunno why but always while travelling there is enough time to blog:D. maybe because my travelling habits- doing my best to make it extreme I think my way to Malaysia can be called like that -
leaving home town 17.08 around 12 o clock
arriving to ldn around 14:00 the next day,
walking around coach station for around2,5 without any pounds- why do i need them;-)
travelling to the airport and around 6 hours of waiting there.
of course after around of one hour of walking around, refreshing i decided to pay for the internet and so am I.
after checking two most popular portals for estate trade I have still 3 hours to my fligth which I can spend online without any plans- I paid for it so I will use it, the whole flight will be time for sleep;-)